tl;dr: Using the kapidox tool is an idea to have slightly better quality of
generated docs and less work mid term.
Are there any folks interested in helping out with adjusting API docs
format of calligra.git to refresh API docs that are currently at
https://api.kde.org/bundled-apps-api/calligra-apidocs/? Note, it does not
include writing docs, it's hopefully a minimal adjustment to make kapidox

I am planning to adjust docs from kexi.git and from repos of "kexi libs".

(I asked for advice on what can be done to refresh API docs for calligra
apps. I did so on the sysadmin project, the task is
https://phabricator.kde.org/T3755 but because it's not publicly accessible
I have attached the log and moved the discussion to the Calligra list.
Olivier and Ben are in CC here, please keep them added as they were
involved in discussions).

A new proposal from Olivier Churlaud is to move API docs for Calligra apps
(and libs) to a more prominent place at https://api.kde.org, where for
example you can already find Marble and Okular. I see no reason why
Calligra wouldn't go there in the same way. By API docs we mean not app's
documentation of classes, possible design, and such, *not* necessarily
public API of these apps. Such API may not exists, yet the apps qualify for
having the API docs regularly generated and published for convenience of
current and future contributors that look around learn the architecture,
etc. This is how it all worked so far.

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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