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  > > > there is not much content right now on the kexi pages
  > >
  > > Right if you mean 'special pages' with prose. But there's plenty of 
doxygen API docs in the context of classes and functions. Over 4000 lines with 
@ or \ tag.
  > I meant "kexi pages" = "generated html pages" :)
  >  Your comment leaves me unsure if it was understood how it comes that right 
now only those pages are created from the existing api dox comments?
  >  If not, please have another look at what I wrote about the "tree of nodes 
with Mainpage.dox files" and ping me on irc for resolving the missing details :)
  I just did not find a browseable way to find Kexi docs.  I've been looking at 
the Other apps. Thanks for finding the Kexi page.
  We rather all agree about difference between library public APIs and 
project's own APIs. Separating them would be nice, especially that 
is now a mix.



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