Hi John,    Thanks for your kindness in sending this link on to me. It was most interesting and informative. Apparently they are using an arc lamp which by their very nature requires that they be left on in a continuous burn mode. The other thing is that they are using different pigmented emulsions and then through a process of color separation from a color negative exposing the carbon pigments through the color separation negatives. Interestingly enough, the largest camera negative that they handle is 5X7 and they make enlargements of 24 X 30 (if my conversions are correct). I don't know what the relative speed or more accurately sensitivity of carbon process is compared to Pt-Pd. It is interesting though that this has been around for this many years. All things old are new again. Thanks again for your input.

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I know that the famous Fresson studio in France had set up a Enlarger for their secret process which would need a great deal of UV... I believe that they discuss the camera on their site... Click on the English  for the Enlgish translation... JC

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