If your planning on doing carbon printing  ( a wonderful alt process)
you better get yourself a properly sized window air conditioning unit for
that room to maintain 70 degrees on a typical summer day for your area... A
Heating and Air conditioning contractor can do the calculations for you...
....... Your ideal   room  temperature is 70 degrees .. At 72 degrees the
gelatin takes a long time to set ( undesirable) and coating below 65degrees
is too quick setting and should be avoided.. I think some of the rational
B+W chemistry is close to that window .  Humidity control  for drying
carbon tissue is whole different issue ... ..

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> >The problem with Carbon is that it will be very temperature
> >sensitive due to the large amount of gelatin used ...
>          This is a concern for me as I live in Tennessee (read:very warm
> summers) and I have no AC in the home. I'm just beginning to plan for an
> alternative process to traditional B-&-W. Will I have much difficulty such
> as sighted above ?
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