It's been awhile since we posted a Perkeep status update. (Actually, we
never have, because the last time we did a status update it was called
Camlistore :))

Anyway, here are some notable things recently done or in progress or on the

*# Rename from Camlistore to Perkeep* (

The rename is still underway. Many things have moved, but plenty remains.
Notably, the mailing list hasn't been renamed, and most of the binary names
(camget, camput, camlistored, etc) haven't been renamed.

But the website is nice & pretty now! See And we have
a mascot...  Thanks, Ashley!

*# Funding* (

We now have 12 backers and 1 organization funding Perkeep at. Thank you
all! We'll try to provide regular updates (& progress!) for you.

We're also doing some brainstorming on how we might get more small
contributors from users and/or some larger/corporate contributors. We'll
see. Nothing concrete to share yet.

The goal is still to hire a second full-time developer, in addition to

*# Migration away from SHA-1* (

Perkeep was always designed to change hash functions over time, which is
why all blobrefs contain the hash name ("sha1-xxxxx"), but since we never
actually supported anything besides SHA-1, some sha1-only assumptions had
snuck into the code. Now that SHA-1 is broken, we need to move away from
it. We're initially supporting SHA-224 as the new default. All new blobs
will be SHA-224, and all old SHA-1 blobs will still work. We're finishing
up a few corner cases now. This is a requirement before the next release.
After this, adding new hash functions will be trivial, should the need
inevitably arise.

*# Vendor directory cleanup*

Paul Lindner went on a mission to clean up our vendor/* directory, updating
packages, removing unused packages, and making it all compatible and
manageable cleanly with the dep tool. It's all nice and clean now. Thanks,

*# Code cleanup*

As part of the rename, we've taken the package renaming time as a good
point to move some boring internal packages into*.
Also, Paul fixed a bunch of "golint" stylistic things as well.

*# Docs*

We've started to flesh out the docs on the website more. After Will
Markdown-ifying the website, we're aiming for readable docs on the web, in
the code, on GitHub, and in Gerrit's git browser. The links are tricky, but
we're getting there.

*# Old code reviews*

We did a pass over all the ancient open code reviews and either closed
them, merged them, or finished them up for the original author if they were
90% of the way there already. As a result, we got some good stuff merged,
including encryption changes from Filippo Valsorda, and rollsum CPU
optimizations from Josh Bleecher Snyder.

*# Client package simplification*

The package constructors have been simplified. It
had grown way too complicated. This is in prep for applications and
importers and third-party programs to use Perkeep more easily.

*# Google Photos Importer* (,

The Google Photos importer is in a sad state and needs love. It's a current
priority. The "picasa" API importer can only see the most recent 10,000
photos or so. That's a holdover limit from the old Picasa Web Albums days,
but now that Google Photos has a different data model (bunch of photos
without galleries), that means the Picasa API isn't a viable way to get
your photos out of Google. Unfortunately the only other API is via users
manually enabling the Google Drive mirror, and then using the Google Drive
API. We have that mostly working, but it needs polish. That's what we want
to get done before the next release. Brad has some photos stuck in Google
and wants them out.

*# iOS 11 HEIC images* (

As of iOS 11, iPhones and such save images as HEIC instead of JPEG, and we
download them from Google Photos as HEIC. But then we can't render the
thumbnails. We need to fix that, and have started.

*# Web UI*

The web UI has a Map mode now, to see all your photos & check-ins & tweets
on a zoomable/pannable world map.

There's also a “select all” button and support for downloading directories
as zip files.

*# Out-of-the-box importers* (

Currently, new Perkeep users who want to use the importers (for Twitter,
Foursquare Swarm, Google Photos, etc) need to set up their own OAuth2 app
on each site's developer console, and then copy/paste around OAuth2
ClientID/Secrets. It's kinda a pain. We want to retain that freedom for
users as an option, but want to also offer an option to use shared apps
that we run on or something. It'd involve user instances
registering with (authenticated by their GPG identity
transparently) and setting up reverse proxies to their localhost. It'd all
work without user action or config, if selected when adding an importer
account. This is a current focus, for new users to experience importers
more easily. We believe that importers highlight Perkeep's somewhat unique
ability to handle things that aren't just files. (like tweets and

*# More importers*

We need more importers. But first we want to fix the Google Photos importer
and make the existing importers easier to use, and then we'll go crazy
adding more.

*# What else?*

Surely I'm missing things. Apologies if I missed other notable changes.
Feel free to reply and update others on things you're excited about
(whether you've done them yourself, or others have).

*- Brad & Mathieu*

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