2nd post... the first didnt got here ?


i have this controller class to serve static files. It works well for
the stylesheet file under a /static directory, locating it, but the
images referenced in the stylesheet do not appear. They are in the
same /static folder, next to the stylesheet.css file.

link :rel => 'stylesheet', :href => R(Static, 'stylesheet.css'), :type
=> 'text/css'

In the CSS file i try:

background: #333333 url(img01.gif) repeat-x;

The class is here: http://pastebin.com/f7c92f95a

Another problem is for images, i cant seem to make them appear in the
page using:

img :src => R(Static, 'img04.jpg'), :alt => 'test image'

I always get the alternate description (or a thumb is no :alt is

Any hint ? Thank you.

pedro mg

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