On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 04:10:04AM +0000, pedro mg wrote:
> img :src => R(Static, 'img04.jpg'), :alt => 'test image'


anyone using Lighttpd + FastCGI to run Camping using Why's configuration
shown at 4) in:

Focusing on the fastcgi module configuration we have:
fastcgi.server = ( "" => (

With this, camping mounts all apps at ROOT.
The problem is the image file handling. It handles ".css" and ".js" files 
correctly, but no image is handled.

Mounting the app in a subdirectory:
fastcgi.server = ( "/project1" => (
starts serving image files correctly for all other apps except for this one, 
since fastcgi will handle /project images (with error)

In Debian, mime types are assigned to lighty via PERL script called from 
lighttpd.conf, so no need for assignement at the 10-fastcgi.conf file.

So my question is: anyone using Lighttpd + FastCGI + Camping ? How do you serve 
images ?

System: Debian 4.0
Camping 1.5

best regards,
pedro mg
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