I've just sent a pull-request to _why with my changes[1] and here is some
things that I think needs to be done before a (possible) release:

* The cookie session is named Camping::Session and is placed in
camping/session.rb. Maybe this should be called Camping::CookieSession or???

* The ActiveRecord session is named Camping::ARSession and is placed in
camping/ar/session.rb. Maybe it should be called Camping::AR::Session or???

* The documentation of cookie sessions is just utterly wrong. Can someone
clean it up?

* The documentation in camping-unabridged.rb and README are almost duplicates.
camping-unabridged.rb should only contain about the differences between
camping.rb and camping-unabrdiged.rb, while README should be all about Camping
(IMO). We must also add that apps should be run using Rack, and The Camping
Server is only for development.

* The flipbook-template produces some weird output once in a while. See [2].
Anyone knows RDoc-templates? We should also include all the methods in a list,
since they're spread between Base, Helpers and Controllers. And Controllers
won't be documented since it has a "X =" in front of it (doc-ability vs

* Some investigating of how to use Camping with DataMapper, Sequel and Og, and
if they require any glue. Should the other ORMs also have tables prefixed with
the app name?

* What about a little guide of how to make your app Camping 2.0 "compatible"?

* Cleaning up the wiki to be 2.0 only?

* <insert your wish>

I'm not saying I won't do any of these things, I just want to push this code
so other can contribute too. (I suck at docs + decisions).

Oh, and I've included `rake ruby_diff` which will use Ruby2Ruby to translate
camping.rb & camping-unabridged.rb to "proper" Ruby and show a diff. Really
useful when synchronizing the two files.

camping.rb is now at 3171 bytes (77% of 4kB)!

(I realize that we don't need to target all of these issues for 2.0,
we must have
something left for 2.1 :-)

[1] http://github.com/judofyr/camping [2]
http://camping.rubyforge.org/classes/Camping/H.html vs

Magnus "We're missing _why in #camping" Holm
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