class H < Hash
    # Gets or sets keys in the hash.
    #   @cookies.my_favorite = :macadamian
    #   @cookies.my_favorite
    #   => :macadamian
    def method_missing(m,*a)
        x.kind_of?(Hash) ? H[x] : x
    undef id, type

2008/7/22 Bluebie, Jenna <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> NoMethodError undefined method `tempfile' for #
> That sure is odd... I guess in Camping 2.0, uploads are not a Camping::H.
> Can we please change Camping::H to output ::H's instead of the original
> value when the original value is_a?(::H)
> That be good. Recursive yumminess. Doesn't solve hashes in arrays, but is
> nice for this and some other things like playing with JSON. :)
> Looks like to do that, we'd need to override Hash#fetch, and maybe Hash#[]
> and stuff... complex, maybe beyond camping scope. Still, I really think
> for consistency file upload hashes in the @input should be ::H's. Maybe not
> put the functionality in ::H, maybe some processing specific to @input.
> Coming right down to it, I'm thinking about putting the functionality in the
> actual Hash class.... why don't we do that normally? does it cause problems
> with some libraries?
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