I have a sqlite3 database with the sessions table and schema set up
correctly. Sessions are created fine and put in the table, the cookie
is set with the correct hash and the hash is found again but when
using @state the values aren’t updated in the table.

I know that Session::service is called and the contents of the record
are put into session like so:
#<Camping::Models::Session id: 1, hashid: "iSCMSIzV7ITsRTr0UMA8Gko3LEnY3bw4", 
created_at: "2008-07-24 17:11:43", ivars: {}>

I do @state.user = 5, then it then gets as far as making session look
like this:
#<Camping::Models::Session id: 1, hashid: "iSCMSIzV7ITsRTr0UMA8Gko3LEnY3bw4", 
created_at: "2008-07-24 17:11:43", ivars: {"TLCMS"=>{"user"=>5}}>

But then session.save doesn’t write to the table, and doesn’t throw an
error (session.save! doesn’t either). Can anyone see what is going

FWIW I’m using FastCGI

Fred O. Phillips
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