Hey, campers! I've been messin' with camping.rb again :-)
* http://github.com/judofyr/camping/commit/cbbfe41
I've ported the flipbook template to RDoc 2 (RDoc 1 has always had problems
with building the docs at my computer)

* http://github.com/judofyr/camping/commit/9dc2233
Since we save all the applications in Camping::Apps we can easily figure out
which apps are defined when a file is loaded. I've refactored
Camping::Server and Camping::Reloader (truly a refactoring - mostly just
moved the bytes around) and now we no longer need to name our file the same
as the app. You can also define multiple apps in one file and
Camping::Reloader will work just as expected.

* http://github.com/judofyr/camping/commit/c8da0f7
The @response object was never really used, so now we're creating it
on-demand in #to_a. Save quite a few bytes.

* http://github.com/judofyr/camping/commit/c04a6c7
It has always annoyed me that if you overwrite r404, r500 or r501 you also
need to set the @status. Now we're doing a @status = @method =~ /r(\d+)/ ?
$1.to_i : 200, so the default status will be set to 404, 500 or 501 in those
methods. We also had a sexy r500 even though we sent all the errors to
Rack::ShowExceptions (again, many bytes saved by removing that).

I've also replaced Camping.method_missing to use Rack::MockRequest which is
shorter and more solid.

* http://github.com/judofyr/camping/commit/5739bb0
Camping now supports nested params (post[title]=Hello&post[body]=World).
See http://judofyr.net/posts/when-in-doubt.html for more information.

* http://github.com/judofyr/camping/commit/582d94b
Before, class PostX would route to /post/(\w+), just to be sure to catch
everything I replaced it with /post/([^/]+) (everything until next slash)
which makes more sense IMO

* http://github.com/judofyr/camping/commit/c55001f
After synchronizing camping.rb and camping-unabridged.rb, camping.rb ended
up at 2947 and we have now passed the 3k limit :D

Any thoughts? There's still missing a lot of documentation and I guess we
should add some tests too.

//Magnus Holm
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