2. Stable version
The "current" version is 1.5 and is available from RubyForge. This is
however a *really* old release, and there have been plenty of bug fixes in
the repo. There's a 1.5.180 from _why's gem server which fixes some of them.

The 1.9-version I have at gems.judofyr.net is just a "rake gem" ran from the
latest why/camping (once in a while). This should be stable enough. In fact,
as soon as I finish this little cleanup of the documentation (and get some
more feedback from you guys) I will most probably release it as 2.0. (1.9 is
the "preview release" of 2.0)

3. Rack

Camping started depending on Rack when the work on 2.0 started. Right now,
Camping uses Rack::Utils so it's currently not possible to run Camping
without Rack. This should hopefully not cause any problems.

4. Servers

At the moment I think the easiest solution is Phusion Passenger, which is an
Apache or Nginx modules which can serve any Rack app.

5. Documentation

Yes, we really need some documentation! This is actually what's blocking the
2.0 release. I have some
suggestions (will try to post these as soon as possible, aka few
hours). I'm not very god writing documentation, so if you want to help
out we
can agree on how to organize it.

6. Picnic

While I haven't been to take a proper look at it, I think it's a very cool
idea. Keep up the good work :-)

//Magnus Holm

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 12:35, Dave Everitt <dever...@innotts.co.uk> wrote:

> I'm planning to use Camping to teach the basics of frameworks, and
> encourage new arrivals from web design to take up Ruby instead of (say)
> defaulting to PHP. To do this, I need a foolproof set of instructions for
> both the technicians (who have to install on all the studio machines) and
> the students.
> To go further, I'd like to get an opinion on the following:
> 1. SQLIte/ActiveRecord
> I've had some trouble getting Camping to write to an SQLite database as it
> should (post 'sqlite3 connection problem' has the details). To prepare
> instructions, I need to understand exactly why this is happening (in case it
> happens on a student's machine), so I'll persist and get it solved, somehow.
> 2. Obtaining the definitive current stable version
> What's the consensus on the definitive stable version? And where is it? The
> bleeding edge download from http://gems.judofyr.net/ is at 1.9.316, yet
> Picnic includes Camping 2.0 (which I thought didn't exist yet), but if I
> 'gem update' my 1.5 version, Camping remains at 1.5? I hope you can
> understand the confusion (on behalf of my future students) here.
> 3. Rack
> At which version (see [2]) did Camping start depending on Rack (as stated
> at: http://github.com/why/camping/tree/master)? Just out of interest, is
> it still possible to run a Camping app without it?
> 4. Comparing servers
> Is there any consensus on running Camping with: Apache, Mongrel, fast_cgi,
> plain old CGI, etc.? Which is the most efficient, future-proof,
> quickest/easiest to set up, and is there any information that charts the
> methods and differences? In a production environment, the URLs are obviously
> an issue here, so some mod_rewrite (or -like) examples would also be good.
> With all this I also want to lower the entry bar to Camping for new users
> by attempting some nice, simple documentation just to get people going,
> which is the thing I've been struggling to do myself.
> Dave
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