Oh, yes. Let's (once again) try to clean the documentation up a bit :-)

I have no facts behind me, but I assume there would be two kinds of people
who would like to browse camping.rubyforge.org:

1. Beginners who want to know what it's all about, how to get started and
how to get help.
2. Campers who don't quite remember which method to use, or where the
mailing-list was located, or how you did X etc.

So here's a little proposal: What if we split the documentation into three

- README.txt should be the first you see and should contain basic info and

- API-reference. A one-page reference to the whole Camping API which gives
you short descriptions/explanations and might also give a link to the book
(see below) for more detailed thoughts.

- A "book" or tutorial which guides the user from A-Z, starting with
installation and how to use The Camping Server, through basic MVC and
HTTP/REST to how to use service-overrides or middlewares. It would be really
nice if this could be a clean, short and concise guide to both Ruby and web

What'd you think? What do you miss most from the current (almost
non-existing) documentation?

//Magnus Holm
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