Excellent, I'll definitely check it out when I come home (writing this
on a crappy Sony Ericsson while it's -20C outside).

Yes, there are more cool things about Camping then the 4k (or 3k at
the moment). Hit me up at #camping @ irc.freenode.net if there still
is something that's unclear. I think I understand the code, but hey,
with camping.rb you never know.


Happy new year to all of you!

2009/12/31, Philippe Monnet <r...@monnet-usa.com>:
> After a bit over a day of both looking at the way NewRelic implemented
> their plugin for Rack and Sinatra, as well as digging deep in the core
> Camping code of the service and M methods, I managed to get something
> working. See
> http://github.com/techarch/rpm/blob/master/lib/new_relic/agent/instrumentation/camping.rb
> It took me many tests to understand that the M method actually include
> some of the Camping modules in the controller classes. I have been
> reading the entire framework back to back a bunch of times and I keep
> being amazed at the overall design. There are so many Rubyisms to be
> learned from the code.
> Let me know if you end up using the plugin and if there are ways to
> improve it.
> If you are using Heroku you should definitely give NewRelic a try since
> the Bronze edition comes for free.
> Philippe


//Magnus Holm
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