Wanted to highlight some of the issues we know have on github and get
some discussion going.

First up: Tests - http://github.com/camping/camping/issues#issue/15

Currently Camping doesn't have any automated tests. At all. Now, I'm
not a testing freak, but I'm not _why either, so I believe we'll have
to have *some* tests. I'm not talking about 100% unit-test coverage,
but just something which lets us commit with confidence and makes it
easier to make sure everything works on both 1.8 and 1.9.

One idea I had: Use what we have in test/apps/ now and write
WebRat-steps to make sure everything works as expected. The apps
should be ran through Camping::Server, and the tests should use
Net::HTTP so we test the whole stack.

Anyone wants to give it a try, or have any other ideas?

// Magnus Holm
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