Hi Philippe

We could do with the markup for the api from http:// camping.rubyforge.org/api.html adding to the whywentcamping.com repo, then it'll be ready for tweaking/editing/styling - I've added a comment to the open issue about this that also mentions the FF3 JQuery problem.


Dave, I just changed the background color to match the original site. Looks nicer now.

I just looked into the Firefox issue on the reference page and I think that the 2 functions s and m need to be moved towards the top of the file so they can be declared before they are used. Once I monkey-patched them in Firebug it worked. Will need to update the source.

On 7/5/2010 10:57 AM, Dave Everitt wrote:

Still busy, so just a brief comment...

Philippe: I think this is a lot of fun - the slideshow is the kind of minimal introduction that really works.

Better as inspiration than as a working website, so perhaps a combination of these graphics with the 'classic plain green' style athttp://whywentcamping.judofyr.net would be a good way forward?

We're such a diverse bunch I can't imagine a total consensus on the Camping site, but I thinkhttp://github.com/camping/ whywentcamping.com/ needs to be the starting-point - content is king at this stage, so Magnus' issue about the reference needs addressing:
The reference is currently missing. I'm not quite sure how we would implement it. I guess we want:
  * To be able to view the whole reference in a single page
  * To be able to link to a specific section of the reference
  * To be able to comment on a specific section.
View Issue: http://github.com/camping/whywentcamping.com/ issues#issue/3

The reference show/hide JQuery fails on my latest Firefox, but this should be simple to fix.

Dave Everitt

Just for fun and to keep creative juives flowing I mocked up one idea of layout including a resizable look and a slideshow to showcase key points about Camping. That slideshow is using straight HTML and Javascript.
See http://rubycamping.monnet-usa.com/

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