Jenna - Trevor,
many thanks for this. It works fine but perhaps I should stick to markaby for 
the example page so it would be easier to have everything in one file and new 
users can learn how to use it?

Best Regards

On Aug 14, 2012, at 6:28 AM, Jenna Fox <> wrote:

> See magnus's post at 
> for info 
> on using the haml and erb support built in to Camping.
> Also note that you don't need to 'render' anything. You can just set @body to 
> whatever string you want in your controller, or even return an IO or Array of 
> stuff to turn in to strings. If you return an IO like a file or an a url 
> opened with open-uri the server will automatically stream out the information.
> —
> Jenna
> On Tuesday, 14 August 2012 at 1:44 PM, gurugeek wrote:
>> hello,
>> I am trying to have some simple HTML to be used as a placeholder page for 
>> new servers users in a small camping application (basically with using the 
>> main site layout plus the current date and time :) )and I was wondering if 
>> the correct way is to rewrite the whole html using markaby or I should use 
>> the hack 
>> def layout
>>     text '
>> .... html inside
>> where the only ruby code would be Today is  '' '
>> or if there is any way that I don't know to have inline templates/use erb ?
>> thanks a lot !
>> Best Regards
>> David
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