Hi Kevin

I contributed the amazing and world-changing sum of one single spelling correction to Camping's source.

But _why opened up programming for me at a time when Apple's Hypercard (my second language after Logo...) was being starved and I was surrounded by alpha geeks with maths (yep, I'm in the UK) degrees handling memory allocation in C and a father who - when I told him I was learning to programme - replied: 'assembler or machine code?' because that was his background. _why's approach restored my faith in my own abilities, and made programming seem accessible again.

I think his 'hack education' initiatives spawned/encouraged a whole load of similar initiatives ('Learn you a Haskell...' is just one obvious example that comes to mind, although it's worth noting that Alan Kay's Squeek predated _why's stuff, and he would have known about Kay). That kind of playful-DIY-education approach is crucial component in creating future programmers with a creative (in the broadest sense of the word) streak.

DaveE (Everitt)

Hi all,

I'm producing a short documentary on Why The Lucky Stiff which will be shown at RubyConf in Denver.

I'd love to include details about camping in the film. If any core contributors or developers live in the Austin or Seattle areas and would like to participate, I'd greatly appreciate a chance to interview you regarding _why's code-as-art and other topics.

Here's a trailer for the doc and a write up about it:



I'm respecting the privacy of _why's creator and not attempting to contact him. The documentary is focusing more on the art and code of _why.

Thanks for any feedback or help with this.

Kevin Triplett
Austin, TX

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