Hi to everybody,

My name is Alex and I'm new to the Camping mailing list, as well as Camping
itself. I have to say, I think this is an awesome project and it is exactly
what I'm looking for right now. Something fun to experiment with.

Getting a server up and running was very easy, but of course I've hit a
road block: Any file that I'm referring to in the layout does not mount on
the server. For example,

I have a very simple app to illustrate this, which has one controller that
simply renders a function named pageFunc:

  def pageFunc
    img :src => 'labelnegate.jpg'

labelnegate.jpg is in the same directory as the app, but the image does not
show. The terminal that I launched the camping server in shows: - - [18/Dec/2012 16:19:19] "GET /labelnegate.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404
60 0.0146

which is obviously showing a 404 error.

Strange indeed. Now I'm not looking for a flat out answer to this problem
per se, I'd actually prefer someone to just give me a nudge in the right
direction. I've been browsing the camping-unabridged.rb source, but I can't
seem to find where or how local files are mounted to the server. Or is that
actually Rack's responsibility?

Also, I didn't include the full source of the app because I don't know if
you guys have code formatting guidelines, so I thought one small function
would be acceptable in this case. If you could tell me what (if any)
formatting guidelines you have, I will surely respect those in the future.

I appreciate any replies.

Thanks a lot,
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