PCextreme are offering free raspberry pi colocation on a 100mbit link (the max 
speed of the pi's ethernet port) with 500gb of ipv6 and ipv6 traffic per month, 
guaranteeing the service for at least 12 months with no intent to shut it down 
in the future or start charging. They're doing it because the costs are so low 
(they don't use much power or make much heat) and it's a fun project for them!  

The only cost is that you must supply your own Raspberry Pi, with an SD card 
and an OS installed, and it must be in a plastic case, so all up it costs about 
$60 (pi $40, case $10, sd card about $10). The raspberry pi system specs are 
roughly 1ghz arm processor with 512mb of ram, however many gigabytes SD card of 
storage, and a GPU capable of decoding and encoding h264 video.

Ruby 1.9.3 and camping run great on a raspberry pi with the popular Raspbian 
OS, so if you're looking for a cheap way to get in to learning web tech, this 
seems like a fantastic offer. I'm really keen to try it out!


Isn't that neat? Anyone have any cool ideas for what we can do with this stuff? 

Jenna Fox

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