Hi Tim

I maintain (periodically) a little Camping app with the links I've collected over the years. They may be helpful:

Also, the maling ist archive on RubyForge is searchable:



I might try the IRC but I am in NZ (currently in AU) so my time zones tend to be unfriendly to most IRC channels.

My questions are about non trivial apps. What do I do about migrations? What if I don't want to use markaby? what's a good strateg for breaking your app up into different files?.

On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 1:42 AM, låzaro <netad...@lex-sa.cu> wrote:
jusr now we hace a big problem with doc, but here in the mailing list you will have all you answers. Also in the IRC channel #camping we could help you. I'm writing new doc about camping and need questions like yours, son
write me please, and I'll focus the doc via your questions.

Thread name: "Would like some hints on best ways to search for camping questions."
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Date: Fri, Nov 01, 2013
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> Hello Campers.
> On a whim I thought I would try to fool around with camping.   The
> documentation is nice and does a fine job of covering what it wants to cover > but I needed some information not covered by the docs so I tried various ways > to search google for them. For some reason the searching ended up being a bit > frustrating. I guess the words ruby and camping are too common. Unfortunately
> the mailing list archives are not searchable either.
> So how do you craft your searches? In my case I was looking for information on > how to handle migrations and how to use different views (not markaby).
> Cheers.

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