Here was my mistake:

I thought that in order for setting the model attribute data like so:

common_attributes = {title: input.title, ..., general_remark: input.general_remark}

I have to explicitly state the input tag in the form like so:

input textarea @reviewform.general_remark, rows: 5, name: 'general_remark'

and this produced the error about tag not allowing the content.

3. Otherwise, I used it like so:

input type: 'textarea', name: 'suggestions_reviewer_comments', value: @reviewform.suggestions_reviewer_comments

And this didn't produce any errors, but on the other hand the field in the form had the same appearance as the 'text' field.

Thank you again.

On 12. 05. 2014 15:45, Sebastjan Hribar wrote:
My assumption was based on the behavior of my form in my app. I'll test the way magnus wrote it and I'll post back here later today so I won't make any false statements. In order to capture the data I always used the input tag and that didn't allow for multiple line textarea.


2014-05-12 15:08 GMT+02:00 Bartosz Dziewoński < <>>:

    On Mon, 12 May 2014 14:49:33 +0200, Sebastjan Hribar
    < <>>

        I can only use textarea rows:'5' @testform.testing

        for displaying pruposes.

    Why? <textarea> is the way to do multiline text inputs in HTML.

-- Matma Rex

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