While I am quite aware that development has pretty much stalled, I
wondered if it would still be possible to have some kind of 2.2 release
out[1]?  For me, Camping still works just great with my applications and
also with AR4, so I am still quite happy with it. 

I am currently working on the Debian packaging again, since a freeze for the
upcoming release is nigh.  At the moment Debian ships version 2.1.532,
but it doesn't work with AR4.  I've noticed that HEAD _does_ work for me,
but I'd prefer not to ship 2.1.532+git<some snapshot> unless necessary.

So I was wondering: is it release ready (see also [1]) and what are
the experiences of you guys with the current state of Camping?



1: https://github.com/camping/camping/milestones/Camping%202.2

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