hi Lee, 

thank you for the response.

so is Capistrano + wp-cli not being really supported any more as a solution 
for migrating/transferring WordPress sites & their MySQL database?

i'll look at roots.io, but i'm hoping it's as simple an (alleged) set-up 
for migrating/transferring as Capistrano + wp-cli was supposed to be. i say 
"alleged" because of all the issues i've been having in just trying to make 
this work. and can anyone still please tell me why i am getting this 
Stage not set, please call something such as `cap production deploy`, where 
production is a stage you have defined.


—  faddah

On Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 11:06:59 PM UTC-7, Lee Hambley wrote:
> Hi Faddah,
> You might be better served by roots.io whixh is an ansible2 based 
> WordPress+wp-cli deployment tool which formerly used Capistrano and sounds 
> a lot like what you're doing.
> (Sent from my Nexus 6, please forgive typos!)

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