- Ruby - 1.8.7
   - Capistrano - 2.6.0
   - Rake / Rails / etc


   - Working on....CentOS
   - Deploying to... CentOS


Even though "deployuser" has the rights to switch to "admin" user without 
entering password, cap script is expecting password to be entered. 

-bash-4.1$ cap -f /tmp/captest-user.cap deploy
  * executing `deploy'
  * executing "whoami"
    servers: ["host1"]
    [host1] executing command
 ** [out :: host1] deployuser
    command finished in 69ms
*  * executing "sudo -p 'sudo password: ' -u admin 
/data/myapplication/ stop"*
*    servers: ["host1"]*
*    [host1] executing command*


   - Capfile
      - default_run_options[:pty] = true
      - role :app, "host1"
      - task :deploy, roles => :app do
      - run "whoami"
      - *run "/data/myapplication/ stop", :shell => "sudo su - 
      - run "tail -f /home/apache-tomcat-7.0.67/logs/catalina.out | sed 
      '/^INFO: Stopping ProtocolHandler/ q'"
      - run "sudo puppet agent --confdir=/home/puppet --waitforcert 60 
      --test; true"
      - end
In 2.6 is there a way i can execute commands on behalf of another user 
("admin" in my case)? If so how? I understand that this is possible with 
the help of 
in Cap 3.0. But i would like to know if it is achievable using 2.6 or 
should i have to upgrade it? 

Any pointers will help me a lot. Thanks!

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