Hi Stewart,

I agree that it can sometimes be cumbersome to construct values in
capnproto-rust. Two things that we could work on to improve this situation

   1. For the case when your values are constants, we could implement
support for pointer-field constants, allowing you to "construct" the values
in schema files. https://capnproto.org/language.html#constants
   2. We could use macros, as in https://github.com/bfops/capnpc-macros
(Note that I haven't actually tried out this particular project, but the
approach seems promising.)

Responses to your specific code issues are inline below.

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 5:55 PM, stewart mackenzie <setor...@gmail.com>
> the code:
> let mut ip = out_ip.init_root::<list_list_list_text::Builder>();
> for file in mock_commands {
>     let mut line_count: u32 = 0;
>     let mut list_0 = ip.init_list(file.len() as u32);

If I change this line to

            let mut list_0 = ip.borrow().init_list(file.len() as u32);

then your example typechecks.

> How does one add
> #[derive(Copy, Clone)]
> to contract_capnp::list_list_list_text::Builder<'_'> ?
You can't without sacrificing memory safety. You should think of a Builder
as a mutable reference, and mutable references in Rust cannot be copied, as
that would allow aliasing. I wrote a blog post about this:

- David

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