I have a use-case which is similar to streaming RPC to a server written in 
C++ - here is a simplified example:

# Setup a client and connect it to our task server
client = capnp.TwoPartyClient('localhost:8000')
task_mgr = client.bootstrap().cast_as(schema.Task)

class Notifier(schema.Notifier.Server):
    def notify(self, params, **kwargs):
        print "notifying"

task = task_mgr.create(type=0)
n = Notifier()



The C++ server will kick off the task which will call the notifier's notify 
asynchronously.  The C++ client works as expected (I get notify callbacks 
when the task wants to notify).  The python client seems to be unable to 
pump the message loop.  I see an example with a threaded client which 
involves repeatedly chaining promises to make something like this work, but 
is there an easier way?

I was hoping that the capnp.wait_forever() would take care of pumping the 
loop and executing any callbacks, similar to 
my kj::NEVER_DONE.wait(client.getWaitScope()); in the C++ client...

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