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I would like to extract the 2D flat-map coordinates of cells that were
projected onto a 3D reference surface. Is there a way to save the 2D
coordinates directly from within Caret, or will I need to compute them using
the values in the cell projection file?
If your Caret version is, say, six to 12 months old, then yes: On the File: Save Data File: Foci file menu (and I assume Cell as well, since they're near identical), there is a drop-down menu at the bottom: Foci Associated with Surface Type. You can select the flat surface from this list, and write the cells/foci out relative to the flat surface. (Of course, you must have projected them first.)

My April 2006 version of Caret can't seem to read my existing foci files, and even when I map a new focus, it disappears when I project it, so there may be something squirrelly with cell/foci handling in more recent versions. We've had a few reports about this, and I think John either fixed it or it's on his list.

If I need to use the projection file, I found the file format listing in the
documentation (included below), but could you please explain what each entry
means (e.g. does cdistance(3) refer to a set of barycentric coordinates as
discussed in Drury et al. 1996; why are there three closest-tile-area values
for the inside projection; etc.)? Thanks,
I don't know the answer, but I hope the File: Save Data File: Cell option makes it moot.

                   -- Ed Craft

<From Caret Help File>
cell-number section name class-name INSIDE comment# hemisphere
closest-tile-vertices(3)  closest-tile-areas(3) cdistance(3)     (9 items

cell-number section name class-name OUTSIDE comment# hemisphere
fracRI  fracRJ  dR  thetaR  phiR
triangles-fiducial-coordinates (2 triangles, 3 vertices, xyz)    (18 items
triangles-vertices  (2 triangles, 3 vertices)  (6 items total)
vertices-fiducial-coordinates (2 vertices, xyz)  (6 items total)
vertex-1  vertex-2  cell-fiducial-X  cell-fiducial-Y  cell-fiducial-Z

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