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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no: Caret/SureFit doesn't compute cortical thickness. For a while, a student was working on it, but it never went anywhere. Occasionally, people mistake our sulcal depth measure for cortical thickness, but the two are completely different measures. (See David's PALS paper (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=MImg&_imagekey=B6WNP-4H4T34K-1-3&_cdi=6968&_user=4275&_orig=browse&_coverDate=11%2F15%2F2005&_sk=999719996&view=c&wchp=dGLbVzb-zSkzk&md5=0920fddff1134928d23f0a23d746935f&ie=/sdarticle.pdf), figure 1, for a description of sulcal depth.)

The only good news I can give those who are interested in cortical thickness is that you can import your freesurfer surfaces and thickness maps into Caret in a mostly automated way, and generate sulcal depth on them, if desired. You can then register them to the PALS_B12 atlas, although this requires drawing our Core6 landmark borders:


Due to algorithmic differences between Freesurfer's and Caret's registration algorithms, seeking a "second opinion" can be useful, depending on the nature of your study. For example, the algorithm that best aligns intrasubject anatomy across multiple timepoints may not be ideal for finding group anatomical differences.

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I have been using FreeSurfer for a while, to obtain cortical thickness
measures.  Is it now possible to obtain thickness measures with caret?

There is a previous thread from 2003 indicating this feature was on a


Thanks, Darren

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