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Hi, my name is David Kiamanesh and I am a second year medical student at WashU. I am beginning to learn Caret so that I could map fMRI data which I have collected from published papers. I have been working on learning how to use the stereotaxix foci feature which Caret has and it is great. I have come across a couple of things however that I was hoping you could help me out with.

1) For some reason every once in a while, in the D/C under Foci, in the colors tab the new foci I entered will be awkwardly placed, not indented like the rest of the list. Any subsequent foci that I define would then be listed directly on top of the last one, i.e. the words will be on top of each other, therefore unreadable. I really have no idea why it does that, I've tried saving the data file and restarting it and it appears that the problem goes away, so I really dont know what the deal is with it.

I have never seen this myself. Like you, I have no idea what the deal is with it.

2) I'm unclear what the foci projections are. I saved the foci projections and then loaded it the next time and some of the foci were duplicated in the foci report, off by about 0.000002. I'm not sure if I need these projections or what exactly they are.

Projecting foci allows you to to view them on a surface other than the fiducial surface. I think of foci as free points out in space; projecting them attaches them to the closest tile in the active fiducial. If you load both the foci and fociproj files concurrently, you will see duplicates. You shouldn't see dups when viewing one or the other.

I appreciate any help that you can give me and would like to thank you for offering such a powerful and well designed program for free use.

David Kiamanesh


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