Hi Dr. Schlund,

I interpret "simple overlays of functional data" as mapping functional data onto the PALS atlas. In that case, step 1 is to take the PALS tutorial, if you haven't already done so:

PDF: http://sumsdb.wustl.edu/sums/download.do?id=6363278
dataset: http://sumsdb.wustl.edu/sums/download.do?archive_id=6362705

Next step is to create a SPM2-oriented visualization spec. This could be one of the four spec files in the PALS atlas tutorial, or it could be something more streamlined, such as the following specs:


Or it could be something in between (e.g., the streamlined + the composite paint/borders).

Next, in those starter spec files, replace the existing PALS average fiducial coord files (711-2C atlas space) with these SPM2 versions in your CARET_HOME/data_files/fmri_mapping_files directory/folder:


Replace them not only on the file system, but also in the spec file (using a text editor, or by using File: Open Data File: Coord file to open them the first time, which should add them to the spec file by default).

Now open that spec file and make sure the SPM2 average fiducial surface is loaded.

While a MeanBuckner12 version for SPM2 does exist, you might instead consider using the actual atlas target used (e.g., avg152T1) as the volume anatomy file underlay for slice views. Use File: Open Data file: Volume Anatomy file and navigate to your SPM2 templates directory to open the appropriate volume. Make sure left appears on left.

Use File: Open Data File: Volume Functional file to open your functional volume; select the "volume is SPM2 volume with right on left" if your spm_defaults.m has analyze.flip=1.

Press Toolbar: D/C and select Overlay/Underlay Volume and select the avg152T1 as underlay; your functional volume as primary overlay. They should align well. Switch to the Settings tab and toggle on the surface outline, if desired, to make sure the alignment between the PALS average fiducial surface and the anatomical volume is good.

Now map the functional data onto the PALS surface:

Select Attributes: Map functional volumes to surfaces: Metric
Add loaded volumes; next
Map to spec file with atlas; select the currently loaded spec file; Space SPM2; PALS (left or right); ok; next
Data file: change to a more meaningful output name
Mapping algorithm: Enclosing and interpolated voxel are both popular; next; finish
Toolbar: spec: metric: open the output filename you specified
D/C Overlay Underlay/Surface: primary overlay metric; select column of choice
Toggle between fiducial and alternative views (inflated, flat).

Over a year ago, creating space-specific visualization specs was on my to-do list, but I'm afraid this item has been buried well below many other priorities. If you have trouble with this step, let me know.

Good luck.

On 08/01/2006 08:46 AM, Michael Schlund wrote:
Hi folks,

Caret newbie, who is very, very impressed with this software. My
is whether anyone has a SPM+caret for dummies guide available that we
might have---just a simple Word doc would be extremely helpful. We are
using SPM2 and have been having quite a bit of trouble with just the
basics of implementing caret for doing simple overlays of functional
We are using the most updated version of caret and have cruised the
website and email archives but we are still, well, floundering badly.
comments for 'how to' help would be truly spectacular.

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