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A while back, there was a bug in the Windows version of Caret that caused some files to get written to the $CARET_HOME/bin directory instead of the current working directory. This bug has been fixed for a while, so I suggest trying the snapshot caret5.exe:

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Move your old caret5.exe file (perhaps in c:\caret\bin or the bin subdirectory under the folder in which you installed caret) to caret5_old.exe; unzip the downloaded zip file; and move the caret5.exe to the caret bin subdirectory.

Good luck!

On 08/30/2006 02:44 AM, leonardo cerliani wrote:
hello everyone,
I had to install caret under windows in my pc at work. I have the
following problem: when I start the volume-->segmentation, it goes on,
but soon after the first fiducial reconstruction, it pops out that it
cannot find RadialPositionMap+orig.HEAD. I obviously checked in the
directory I was working in and it is there. I also tried to restart
the segmentation process from the automatic error correction, but it
suddenly stops telling me that the segmentation was successfully
performed. The result that I can see from now is that it does not
perform automatic error correction. Can you help me in some way?

thanks a lot for your attention

leonardo cerliani
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