A preliminary version of a tutorial for using Contours with Caret 5.5 is available if you would like it. The document and data set are located in You will also need an updated version of Caret, 5.502, that contains bug fixes for working with contours. Executables for Caret 5.502 are located in A username "pub" and password "download" are required to access these websites.

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On Nov 20, 2006, at 9:51 AM, Andrew Reid wrote:


Today I've been running through Tutorial 9 of your Users Guide. 03-06.Part II and have encountered some new problems. Possibly they are bugs. I can trace the outline of a structure on an image and give it proper section values; however when I want to align the sections, and view all sections, the contour markers disappear. They still exist, as they reappear if I attempt to add one, but for alignment purposes I cannot see them. Also, no black cross appears in the middle of the screen as the tutorial indicates should happen.

Any ideas? I'm running on WinXP and Caret 5.5 (Sept. 22 2006).


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