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I am a little bit confused on how to proceed to register an individual surface into an Atlas. The 'Caret5 Tutorial: Segmentation, Flattening, and Registration' explains how to perform a spherical registration using the 'Human.colin.L.REGISTER-to-INDIVIDUAL.03-05.71785.spec' file. My questions are:

1) What spec file should I use to register into the right hemisphere?
2) If I choose to register into PALS-B12 atlas, what files should I use?
The answer to both 1) and 2) is use the PALS_B12 LR combo registration target dataset:


And use the template deform_map included in that dataset to preset your registration parameters. See this page and "Erin's cheat sheet" (linked from the page below) for more details:


This is what we do. There are separate landmark datasets for the left and right, but they differ very little, and using the LR combo enables you to do cross-hem or inter-hem analyses. The way we look at it, there's very little down side to using the combo dataset, but a lot of up side to doing so. So we routinely use the LR combo now.

We stopped using colin as a registration target a couple of years ago, but some documentation may still refer to it.

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