Hi Leon,


I have been working with David, Donna, and John on utilizing Caret for
precisely this purpose with respect to an ALE-type meta-analysis on
deception that we have submitted for publication.  You can download a
copy of our spec file, etc. at


I've also uploaded a copy of my personal notes on how to transform foci
using Caret.  They can be found at


I hope this helps!







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I am in the process of doing a meta-analysis of imaging data. I am a
complete novice to Caret, but from a quick look it seems it's
stereotaxic foci functions would be ideal to log the peak activity data
from different studies. Eventually I would like to display symbols for
each peak on a 3D brain rendering of some sort. Perhaps Naively, I
thought I could load a template brain (open a spec file), add foci
(assuming for a moment I have all coordinates in MNI space) using for
example 'layers>foci>map stererotaxic focus', and see them pop-out on
the brain. However, at first pass, I run into the following questions:

a) What brain (spec file) should I load from the fMRI_mapping folder?
There are so many of them. Is there anywhere a text file describing what
these different files are?

b) If I enter a focus with coordinates which happen to be under the
surface by a few millimeters, they don't show up on the surface. Is
there a way to project them to the surface or to make the brain

c) Once I have the foci entered, can I project them to an inflated
brain, and if so, how?

Finally, I assume I am not the first to want to use Caret for this
purpose - does someone have a 'recipe' for such a project or tips on
what pitfalls to avoid?




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