It means start on the outside and end on the inside, as shown in the attached capture, which shows an exaggeratedly thick red cut near some crossovers.

Both Erin and I would have left these minor, peripheral crossovers alone (i.e., no cuts), because we know from experience they tend to cause no trouble. If there were tangles or fold-overs, then we'd cut them out.

On 12/11/2006 11:03 AM, Mateus Joffily wrote:
Dear experts,

I am trying to flatten a surface. After medial wall and calcarine cut corrections, I obtain the attached flat surface with some crossovers. The 'initial Flattening Dialog' informs that "cuts used to excise errors should begin and end outside the map perimeter". I am not really sure about what it means. Should I draw the new cuts inside or outside the borders (perimeter?) of the initial flat map. Could someone clarify it to me?

Thanks for your help,



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