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Try this: Copy your metric file to a surface_shape file and load it as a surface shape. (The formats are identical.)

Then, try Surface: Region of Interest: Surface Shape cluster analysis. You'll need to do this for each tail (i.e., once at thresh=3.0 and once at thresh=-3, or whatever thresh you specify).

On 01/11/2007 07:42 PM, Akiko Ikkai wrote:

I have a question regarding finding a local maximum on a deformed surface.
We projected t-values (.metric, based on one-sample T operations) onto a
deformed veryinflated surface, and set threshold to get nice
visualization of the activations. We are able to guesstimate where the
peak lies by comparing against the color bar, but we would like to know
the exact coordinates of the peak, each cluster separately.
I was exploring Surface> ROI operations that gives the statistical
report on the selected nodes, such as min, max, and rage, but it does
not show the coordinates.

Thanks in advance!
Akiko Ikkai
PhD Candidate Department of Psychology New York University 6 Washington Place New York NY, 10003

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