Dear all,
i'm trying to map my fMRI data (from SPM2) on PALS-B12 surface.
I map volume-to-surface using 'MAP to SPEC FILE WITH ATLAS',
my option are:
1)PALS_B12.RIGHT_SumsDB-HomePage_SURF-ONLY.73730 (the spec file)
2)SPM2 (the ATLAS)
3)PALSB12 MultiFid map (73730,SPM2 space).

Then I trying to use 2 different algorithms:
1)AVERAGE VOXEL (with neigh.=0)
If i understood well the 2 methods have to be quite similar
 But the projecton on the PALS flat maps results quite different.
There is some one can explain me why?
Am I doing something wrong?

More , when i try to project the data from a meta-analysis, the results are again different using the 2 algorithms. The projection on PALS FLAT MAP obtained with AVERAGE VOXEL seems to be more precise, while the projection of original FOCI of meta-analysis are clearly within this map.

Thank's much for the help.

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