Hi guys,

I need some help with basic stuff. I just want to use Caret to visualize my
SPM2 activations on inflated/Fiducial surfaces. So I have the normalized
volume file to start with.


I have opened a spec file from the Caret tutorial, use the map volume to
surface function, choose my volume, then Map to spec file with atlas (and
without). I have also tried not to open any spec file to begin with, and
then just open the one I chose as output during the mapping procedure


As space I tried the SPM2, as this is the kind of volume I have (but also


After the metric file is generated, I just try to open it, but I get the
error that my metric file contains different number of nodes.


What I would like to have is a spec file that have all different surfaces
(including pial and multi-fiducial which I could not find in any examples of
spec files) and then just create metric files from my SPM volumes in order
to visualize the activations.





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