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Dear caret-users,

David Van Essen suggested me to use the following .deform_map file for
deformation of macaque F99 to Human PALS:


Once you have a deform_map file, you can use it to register data sets from monkey to human WITHOUT re-running a registration. This is done using the Surface: Deformation: Apply Deformation Map option. If you want to register paint files, metric files, and most other files, you don't need anything other than the deform_map file to get the job done, and the dialog window is fairly self- explanatory. If you want to register a border projection file or a coordinate file, then you need additional coordinate and topology files that are available as part of the Caret Sept_06 tutorial dataset: archive_id=6595051&archive_name=COMPARE_PALS_MacaqueF99.73730.spec

The only reason to actually re-run an interspecies registration is IF you don't like the particular set of landmarks used and you want to try your own. If so, you should start with borderproj files also in: archive_id=6595051&archive_name=COMPARE_PALS_MacaqueF99.73730.spec
and make your additions and subtractions from there.

See Part 4 of the latest Caret tutorial for more details on monkey- human comparisons. id=6585200&dir_name=CARET_TUTORIAL_SEPT-06

I specified this as my .deform_map file in the Spherical Parameters tab in the Spherical Surface Deformation dialog box. My question is what I should specify as .borderproj file. I have a borderproj file in my F99 directory (that I used for the registration of individual macaque to F99). I also
have a borderproj file in my PALS directory (that I used for the
registration of individual human to PALS). Should I use these borderproj
files in the Individual and Atlas tabs in the Spherical Surface
Deformation dialog box? Or there are other files that I should use?

I also assume that the macaque F99 .spec file should be used in the
Individual tab, and the human PALS .spec file should be used in the Atlas

See above.  These steps should not be necessary for your purposes.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for your help,

Reza Rajimehr, MD

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