On 03/21/2007 08:08 AM, Rishi Kalwani wrote:

after flattening i get a "compressed medial wall" surface with an orange border....(along with blue borders)....

how well does this orange border demark the medial wall? is it necessary to make corrections?
We ALWAYS redraw the medial wall and calcarine sulcus borders. Sometimes, we redraw other flattening cuts (e.g., frontal, cingulate, sylvian, or temporal) if we might use the flat map to draw borders around surface-based regions of interest in that area. For most purposes, though, redrawing the calcarine and medial wall borders suffices.

from the caret 5 core6 landmark web page, i saw that the ventral extent of the medial wall is more lateral than the dorsal extent.

so the medial wall does not lie on a single medial plane, right?
Correct: It curves quite a bit along the sagittal plane all along the ventral segment, but especially from the amygdala to the olfactory sulcus. The dorsal segment is more stable along the x axis.

None of this is cause for concern. Just draw on the compressed medial wall, but use an inflated view in Window 2 to orient yourself. After drawing, project the border, so you can see how it looks on the inflated surface.

Just curious: Are you still working with monkeys, or is this a human subject?



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