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On 03/22/2007 10:45 AM, Rishi Kalwani wrote:

in the core6 landmark website it says not to draw the calcarine sulcus if it makes a hard ventral turn.....
This means as it extends from the medial wall toward the occipital pole.

the CaSu on my monkey makes a ventral turn below the medial wall, but it's about 20-30 degrees off from the medial wall......should i draw the full extent of the CaSu?
This isn't too uncommon. Your calcarine border/cut MUST intersect the medial wall, or the Caret demons will visit you. If your calcarine sulcus starts curving ventrally as it approaches the medial wall, almost parallel with the parahippocampal gyrus for a while, then you'll need to deviate from the fundus and cross over to the medial wall, near the margins of the cortex inferior to the splenium.

The attached captures range_inflated.jpg and range_fiducial.jpg show my best guess of the ballpark intersection location. I'm copying Erin Reid, who draws many more monkey borders than I do. Other monkey people may also weigh in here if I'm off.

does the CaSu nearly stretch to the most ventral extent of the surface?
Not at either end. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. (Some captures with well-placed ID nodes will help me get it if my captures don't clear things up.)

also, a separate problem is that when i press the apply button in the DRAW Borders dialog and begin to click the left mouse button to trace the medial wall on the surface in the main window, it doesn't show me a border being drawn.....is there something else i need to do?
This used to happen when you somehow rotated a flat surface, such as the compressed medial wall surface. Slight rotations that aren't evident to the user can prevent draw borders from working properly. Hitting Toolbar: R (reset) usually fixes the problem (but undoes any zooming/panning). But I thought John added a warning if you applied draw borders and there was a rotation to the surface. How old is your Caret version? I thought you just got a new version, but I'm not certain.



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