Hi Donna and James,

Thanks very much for your kind replies.

It can be quite annoying when you go to the source reference for the labeling 
acronym and still can't find what it actually stands for. I'm just glad I'm not 
the only one who finds this a big issue! Thanks for the warning about the human 
brain regions.

Best wishes,

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Passing on Jim Lewis' reply about Hamied's query, which DVE and Rolf 
Kotter also covered.

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Donna (others),
   The brain area acronyms below are largely derived from non-English 
terminology, typically German, and thus I didn't include the full names in some 
of those cases.  However, my recollection is roughly:
IPa  = intraparietal, anterior
PA =  no idea
TAa - is some temporal cortex subdivision, anterior
TE, Tx = similarly are temporal subdivisions, but of unclear actual 

My experience in finding/using such terminology was that if some study had 
cited a reasonable looking homologue to what I was observing in our monkey 
slice sections then I would use their nomenclature. If there were competing 
potential names then I went with that which seemed closest to what I was 
seeing. In the case of these latter names, I couldn't find any more recent 
refernces, and thus stook with their nomenclature even though they didn't 
explicitly state what their acronyms stood for--often times these were 
transcribed from German or the like. 
  The nomenclature issue was a BIG issue indeed, and will likely continue to 
"evolve" as newer and better methods of segregating brain regions develop.  The 
problem only gets worse when dealing with human brain areas/regions.

hope this helps.


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>>> Donna Dierker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 3/22/2007 1:54 PM >>>
Hi Jim,

Thought you might know the answer to this user's query; I don't, and DVE 
is out of the office.


On 03/22/2007 12:27 PM, Hamied Haroon wrote:
> Hello,
> I’m not a neuroanatomist, but I want to find the neuroanatomical names 
> for the temporal areas in the F99UA1 macaque parcellated according to 
> C:\Caret5\CARET_TUTORIAL_SEPT06\MACAQUE\Macaque.F99UA1.BOTH.LewisVE00+orig
> Most of the abbreviations given in the associated paint colour key are 
> listed explicitly in the “LVE00” reference paper (Lewis JW and Van 
> Essen DC, /J Comp Neurol/, *428*:112-37, 2000). Unfortunately the 
> following abbreviations don’t appear to be given in full in this 
> reference paper or in the other references cited (Seltzer B and Pandya 
> DN, /Brain Res/, *149*:1-24, 1978, and Cusick CG et al., /J Comp 
> Neurol/, *360*:513-35, 1995):
> IPa
> PA
> TAa
> TE
> Ts
> I would be very grateful if anyone could please let me know what these 
> abbreviations are in full.
> Many thanks in anticipation.
> Hamied
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