Using either Surface: Region of interest or caret_command 
(-surface-region-of-interest-selection and -paint-assign-to-nodes), you can 
threshold your metrics at some value and assign a paint/llabel/ROI to them.  
Your paint name might be "visual" or "auditory," but it gets mapped to an 
integer when the vertices assignments are stored in the paint file.

Then you can use Attributes: Area Color to map paint names to colors.

(I tried using Attributes: Metric: Convert metric to RGB, but I couldn't get 
yellow out of the green and blue channels.  Lovely aqua shades, though.)

On Feb 6, 2015, at 4:31 AM, Johannes Heereman <> 

> Hi,
> I want to display 2 paramtric effects and their overlap/conjunction in a
> third color on a surface. I'm not happy with the easy solution
> (blue-red-purple). I wonder if there's a way to change it to
> blue-yellow-green? would be great!
> Thanks,
> Johannes
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