To advance the field of brain imaging, the HCP was given the unusual NIH
mandate to devote its first two years to rethinking data acquisition and
analysis methods prior to collecting its core dataset.  The HCP course
provides an excellent opportunity for brain imagers to profit from this
experience by interacting with key HCP investigators in an accessible and
approachable setting.  Among the speakers are David Van Essen (HCP¹s PI),
Steve Smith (FSL), Tom Nichols (brain imaging statistician), Dan Marcus
(XNAT and ConnectomeDB), Robert Oostenveld (FieldTrip), and many others.

We¹ve designed the HCP Course both for folks with considerable brain
imaging experience and for those who are just starting out.  Attendees
will learn how to take advantage of HCP-related advances in data
acquisition, preprocessing, and analysis methods, enhancing their
prospects in an increasingly competitive neuroimaging field.  Highlighted
topics include:

*How to acquire high quality MRI data for use with the HCP¹s cutting-edge
analysis tools.
*How to better answer the question ³Where am I in the brain?² by using the
HCP¹s new standard space and analysis approach‹CIFTI grayordinates‹that
substantially improves spatial localization across subjects and studies.
*How to avoid the erosion of neuroanatomical fidelity caused by
conventional brain imaging analysis methods, instead accurately aligning
cortical areas across subjects and studies and minimizing blurring.
*The first public unveiling of the HCP¹s group average multi-modal
cortical parcellation together with methods for automatically defining
these parcels in individual subjects‹even those with atypical cortical
*How to perform novel analyses by integrating very high temporal
resolution electrophysiological data (MEG) together with high spatial
resolution MRI in a common analysis framework built around parcellation.

Note that space is limited‹and who doesn¹t want an excuse join us in
Hawaii for an extra week before OHBM? (June 8-12)

See the HCP course website for more details and let us know if you have
any questions (

Hope to see you in Honolulu,

Matt Glasser.

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