I'm having some trouble with the color palette to render metric data - I was 
hoping I could get some support. It's a fairly simple situation: I have metric 
data with only 3 values: 2, 4 and 6 (i.e., task 1, task 2, overlap), which I'd 
like to color, respectively, blue, green, and yellow.
Now, following a previous post, I've created a new palette with:0.33 --> 
blue0.66 --> green,1 --> yellow set the user scale to positive only min: 2 and 
max 6 (I've pasted the relevant section of the post instructions below). Yet I 
cannot seem to display 3 colors. I can only get them 2 at a time, and in fact, 
to get anything close to the scheme I'm looking for I have to do the opposite 
of what was suggested in the post (i.e., 0.33 yellow, 0.66 green, 1 blue).
I feel this should be really simple, so sorry if it's too much of a naive 
question, but can't seem to get it to work after having tried a number of 

http://brainvis.wustl.edu/pipermail/caret-users/2008-May/004310.htmlIf your 
data truly ranges from ranges
> from zero to 300, you could stick with auto scale.  If not, change the
> "Color Mapping" to "User Scale" and set the "Pos Min/Max" values to
> 0.0 and 300.0.  If you palette has red at 0.33, orange at 0.66, and
> yellow at 1.0, metric values of 0 to 100 are assigned red, metric
> values of 100 to 200 are assigned orange, and metric values of 200 to
> 300 are assigned yellow.                                        
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