Hi Caret-users,

I am using Caret to display fMRI activations on flat maps registered to the
F99 atlas. I make use a lot of the Lewis and Van essen flat maps with
borders, and would like now to display the flat maps with the Paxinos-PHT00
borders. Does anyone know how to display the borders of this atlas on flat

I can paint my fMRI activations along with PaxinosPHT00 borders on very
inflated brain using those files, but not flat brain:

I can also display my fMRI activation and cover them with the Paxinos-PHT00
areas as color patches using the following tutorial, but cannot display the
corresponding Paxinos borders:

Is there an easy way from here to display my activations on F99 flat with
Paxinos borders?

Thanks for your help
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