Hi Heather,

You probably already saw John Harwell’s response off-list:

> I do not know why this option is not working for you.  Did you try Metric to 
> RGB paint without any thresholds?
> There is also an item titled “Copy Current Coloring to RGB Paint" near the 
> bottom of the Attributes Menu that you may want to try.
> I will also add that Caret5 is “deprecated software” and it has been may 
> years since its last and final update.  You are welcome to continue using 
> Caret5 and we still try to provide support for Caret5.  Our software 
> development focuses on Connectome Workbench 
> (https://www.humanconnectome.org/software/connectome-workbench.html).

You are using Attributes: Metric: Convert Metric to RGB Paint, right?
With no minimum, as John asked?
The only other explanations I can come up with for how you got the second 
capture from the first capture are:

* You have the wrong column(s) selected in the Metric to RGB paint channels 
(red, green, blue).
* You have the wrong RGB paint output column selected in the D/C 
overlay/underlay when taking the second capture.

I was able to get that feature to work as expected on some of my metric files.


> On May 5, 2017, at 3:31 AM, Heather Iriye <h.ir...@sussex.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm running into a problem trying to convert a metric file to RGB paint. When 
> I display the metric file before conversion, I get the first picture attached 
> (Right_lateral.jpg). However, when I convert to RGB paint and display the 
> positive activations I get the second picture attached, which fails to match 
> the metric file. I've tried adjusting the threshold settings both in the 
> Metrics to RGB paint window and RGB Paint Settings in the Display Control, 
> but this doesn't seem to help the problem. Do you have an idea of what may be 
> going on? 
> Best wishes,
> Heather Iriye 
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> University of Sussex
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> Brighton, UK
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> Memory for Events Lab
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