Dear List,

I am running into a problem trying to convert a cortical folding measurement 
saved as a text file into a Caret .metric file format. First, I convert my 
cortical folding measure to myMeasur.mgz and the surface file into 
mySyrface.mgz file format. Then I use the following line to the convert a 
FreeSurfer functional file into a Caret metric file.

caret_command -file-convert -fsf2c myMeasur.mgz mySurface.mgz myMeasur.metric 

The error that I receive is "Functional data found for node with index larger 
than there are nodes in the surface.” But I double checked and it is not true. 

My plan is to use the Caret metric file for the Caret command metric smoothing 
in the next step. It would be so appreciated if you could advise me how should 
I convert my surface measure to a Caret metric file. Or if I am taking the 
right steps, how can I fix the error?

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