I have been working on getting MFA-Duo to trigger only when a user is a 
member of a specific group. I have been able to use the "
principalAttributeNameTrigger" and the "principalAttributeValueToMatch" to 
match single value attributes. Is it possible to filter the mfa-duo based 
on a multi-value attribute like this? The following is the service 
definition I have been trying to get working and and example of the 
memberOf attribute output.

Example service:


 "@class" : "org.apereo.cas.services.RegexRegisteredService",

  "serviceId" : "^(http|https)://.*",

  "name" : "HTTP and HTTPS",

  "id" : 100,

  "attributeReleasePolicy" : {

    "@class" : "org.apereo.cas.services.ReturnAllAttributeReleasePolicy"


  "multifactorPolicy" : {

    "@class" : 

    "multifactorAuthenticationProviders" : [ "java.util.LinkedHashSet", [ 
"mfa-duo" ] ],

    "principalAttributeNameTrigger" : "memberOf",

    "principalAttributeValueToMatch" : "CN=Duo 



Example output of memberOf attribute:

DEBUG [LdapAuthenticationHandler] - <Found principal attribute: [memberOf[CN
=Users,OU=groups,DC=example,DC=com, CN=Duo Authentication,OU=groups,DC=
example,DC=com, CN=Employee,OU=groups,DC=example,DC=com]


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